The Do's and Don'ts of Packing for Miss Indiana Week


Editor’s Note: With more than two decades of pageant experience, our board members compiled this list to be a resource to the young ladies competing during that fabulous week in Zionsville, Indiana.

For the hotel:


Bring all of your hair styling tools. Blow dryer, wands, straighteners, etc. The hotel bathrooms will have a hair dryer already, but bring your own in case your roommate leaves her at home so you aren’t stuck with just one! Bring a case of bottled water to keep in your room along with a variety of salty and sweet snacks for you and your roomie to share. (Granola bars, mini candy bars, almonds, etc.) If you tend to get cold easily, bring extra pairs of fuzzy socks and sweatshirts.


Don’t feel compelled to bring all of your electronics! If you can survive with just your iPhone and an iPod to listen to your talent music, consider leaving the laptop behind.

With so many accessories around, it can be easy to misplace your things. Also, think about leaving expensive jewelry at home. Your time can get really hectic in the mornings and it would be a shame to misplace something like a beloved pair of diamond earrings.

For your “go between bag”:


For sure bring your favorite tote bag to fill with your crown box, extra bobby pins or hair clips, autograph pad(s), and pen(s) for going back and forth between appearances, the hotel, and the performing arts center. Keep some of that bottled water and a few of those snacks from your room in case you need a pick me up between events. Throw in loose powder, lipstick/gloss, oil blotters, gum/mints, extra contacts/solution, and hand sanitizer too.


Be sure to have toiletries on hand, yes, but you don’t need full-sized bottles – they take up too much room! Grab a few travel sized bottles of hairspray, dry shampoo, and even a mini hairbrush so you can leave space in your bag for larger items.

For backstage:


All competition wardrobe clearly labeled with your first and last name and contestant number

Anything you may need for your talent

Three-drawer cart to keep your small items organized like jewelry, shoes, etc

Thank you notes and pen(s) to write to Miss Indiana sponsors

Makeup/false eyelashes/eye lash glue

Robe/slippers/flip flops

Hair styling tools/hand held mirror

Hairspray/dry shampoo/bobby pins/other hair accessories

Double sided sticky tape/other clothing adhesive

Safety pins/duct tape/bandages/pain reliever

Bottled Starbucks coffee if you need caffeine throughout the day

Bottled water/personal snacks (Hostesses WILL have these for you)

Body lotion/baby wipes/hand sanitizer

Spanx/other undergarments

iPod/iPod charger/headphones

Extension cord(s)


Cell phones or cameras