Scholarship: Forever Relevant

With the end of the school year wrapping up just a few weeks ago, scholarship and the role it plays in our everyday lives has been heavy on my mind. Going to all these open houses of my senior students, and helping with my sister’s graduation plans has made me even more grateful for the opportunity to play such a hands on role in the lives of our youth.

I have seen first-hand how education is so vital to success in our society today. Scholarship is one of the four points on the Miss America crown and that is just one of the many reasons the Miss America Organization will continue to be relevant within today’s society.

Unfortunately, many of the youth I work with have a hard time figuring out where to go and how to navigate their educational ventures into their futures. That has been one of my biggest roles as a teacher is also being a mentor for the students that walk through my classroom.

It has been one of the greatest joys to see a student find a passion for education, even when it is not just in my class. It has been even more exciting knowing I have done it with them too as I am continuing learning while I work on getting my master’s degree.

I have gained such an appreciation for scholarship and that is why I am so glad to be able to spread that message as both an educator and titleholder. When others ask me about the Miss America Organization, the first thing I mention is the amazing scholarship opportunities it offers for women.

In fact, MAO is the number one scholarship provider for women in the world. How awesome is that! It is empowering to be a part of an organization with a focus on learning and making others better. This is just one of the many reasons to be proud of being a titleholder.